Baby crinkle soft book apple with caterpillar and 3-D-details

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Start your little one’s library with this amazing apple plush book featuring 3-D-details, leaves with crinkle foil, foil mirror on the back of the green leaf, and a cheerful rattle caterpillar that can be threaded through two pages with holes. Short ribbon apple stems or caterpillar antennae add to baby's first taggie fun. The mini caterpillar always stays close to its apple, as they are connected by cord. Hours and hours of delightful discoveries to keep a baby entertained as well as a young toddler.
Product Information
Material: 100% Polyester
Inner material : 100% Polyester
Recommended age: 6-36 months
Size (W x H x L in cm): 17 x 8 x 14
Washing instructions:
Product Details

Baby activity soft book apple with caterpillar, PlayQ

  • Soft book with inserted crinkle foil in the leaves
  • Many 3-D-parts and taggie ribbons
  • Removable foil mirror (velcro) on the back of the green leaf
  • Mini plush rattle caterpillar, ribbon-attached to the book
  • Two pages with holes for the caterpillar
  • Velcro book closure
  • All sigikid baby toys are absolutely safe and perfectly suited for the little ones
  • Little hanging loop
  • Machine-washable at 30°C delicate cycle; please do not use any fabric softener
  • Before washing, please remove the foil mirror
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