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Never before has it been so important to know how to wash your hands properly! How can you explain it to your children? Our musical soft toy frog assists you in teaching your little ones: its melody plays approx. 30 seconds, which, according to the WHO, is the time we should invest in washing our hands, as often as possible. Hang up the frog in your bathroom, pull the red handle and explain to your children that they must wash their hands with soap as long as the melody keeps playing. The musical frog comes with a child-friendly description about the right method to wash all hand parts. Since the musical box plays the famous melody from “Beauty and the Beast”, it might be suited for kids and adults alike.
Product Information
Material: Polyester
Inner material : Polyester
Size (W x H x L in cm): 17 x 8 x 16
Washing instructions:
Product Details

How to wash your hands, learning musical soft toy frog, melody "Beauty and the Beast"

  • The musical soft toy makes children understand how long they should wash their hands
  • The melody "Beauty and the Beast" plays approx. 30 seconds
  • Hanging loop on the back
  • The musical mechanism can be easily taken out or exchanged
  • Pull the red safety handle to wind up the mechanism
  • Softly padded with polyester fibre
  • Machine-washable at delicate cycle
  • Please remove the musical mechanism before washing!
Warning Information
The musical box can be taken out – please remove before washing. Please also observe the notes on the safety zip fastener. Attention! The musical box has to be kept out of reach of babies and toddlers and must be reinserted into the toy after washing. Operating instructions: Using a paper clip, open up the safety zipper by lifting up the bolt. Close safety zipper by pressing the bolt.
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