Pille Power

I’m the superhero Pille Power, there is nothing I lack.
I have superpowers, no wall holds me back!
With Cape Cat, my superfeline, in company,
I fly above the city and offer help for problems of any degree.

Pille Power
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Hartschalen Trolley Pille Power
Kids' hard shell superhero suitcase Art. ref. 25003
€79.99 * €55.99 *
Jungen Rucksack Pille Power
Little hero backpack for pre-school Art. ref. 24998
€34.99 * €24.49 *
Jungen Rucksack Pille Power
Little hero backpack for kindergarten Art. ref. 24999
€29.99 * €20.99 *
Kulturbeutel Pille Power
Little hero wash bag Art. ref. 25002
€14.99 * €10.49 *

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