Catwalk Pets

Grap your favorite discontinued Beasts and give them a peaceful retirement home. We give you up to 50% off!

Catwalk Pets
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Kuscheltier Kater Mallow
Catwalk Pets: plush cat Art. ref. 38780
€24.99 * €12.50 *
Kuscheltier Igel Pigel
Catwalk Pets: plush hedgehog Art. ref. 38776
€24.99 * €12.50 *
Kuscheltier Schaf Schlotter
Catwalk Pets: plush sheep Art. ref. 38777
€24.99 * €12.50 *
Kuschelbär Grizzly Bizzly
Catwalk Pets: plush grizzly bear Art. ref. 38778
€24.99 * €12.50 *
Kuschelhase Bunny Wanni
Catwalk Pets: plush rabbit Art. ref. 38779
€24.99 * €12.50 *

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