Organic baby soft toy hedgehog with cherry pit pad

This cute taggie hedgehog is made from organically grown cotton and filled with a heatable cherry stone sachet. Soothing warmth combined with a beloved soft toy often helps babies and toddlers to relax and to fall asleep.

For heating the cherry pit pad on a radiator or in the oven, please follow our safety instructions.


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Organic baby soft toy hedgehog with cherry pit pad, sigikid Green collection

  • Shell made from organic cotton
  • All materials used are coloured with eco-friendly dyes
  • Removable cherry pit heating pad shell made from cotton
  • For heating, please follow our safety instructions on the tag
  • Covered velcro fastening on the back
  • Back side: brown
  • Before washing the plush toy, please remove the cushion inside

Size (W x H x L in cm):

13 x 3 x 20


100% kbA Baumwolle



Rec. age in months:

0 months - 4 years Months

Care labels:

Please kindly note! Pillows with organic filling (such as cherry stones, cereal husks, spelt, millet)heat and cold very well and re-emit them in small doses.For cuddly warmth: To warm, take the cushion out of the cuddle animal. Do not heat up the cuddle animal! In the oven (max. temp. 50 °C / 120 °F, 10 minutes at the very most). On the radiator (for a few minutes). Not suitable for microwaves.  Please do not exceed the suggested temperature and time (danger of fire!). The cushion must not be washed, but must always be kept dry and aired regulary. Potential risk groups such as allergy sufferers or people with a weakened immune system should  be reminded of the risk of allergic reactions. We recommend you to keep and strictly follow the directions for care and use. The pillow should not be used continuously.  The pillow should be aired and dried regularly. The pillow should not be allowed to become very moist, which could occur through bedridden  people sweating. The release of bioaerosols, which may occur if the pillow is shaken up, should be avoided in  enclosed spaces and in the presence of potential risk groups. If smells, usually associated with increased mould (mustiness, decay) arise, if damp patches form on  the pillow or if allergies or respiratory illnesses with inexplicable causes occur, pillows with  organic filling should not be used.

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