Catalogue Beasts + Co. 23/24
You are never too old to cuddle and that is why our renowned BEASTS are exactly right for you! In our BEASTS catalogue you find all the little background stories for all those quirky, iconic characters. Add the catalogue free of charge to your order and look forward to receiving this work of art included in your next shipment.
Music box "Beauty and the Beast"
Exchangeable musical mechanism for our music soft toys, with the melody from "Beauty and the Beast".You can find a tutorial how to replace the muscial mechanism here.
Beasts mosquito "Bloody Marie"
Her extraordinary sensory abilities helped Bloody Marie rise to stardom among Parisian perfume makers, and she's al- ready worked for all of the most popular fashion and cosmetics labels. A hysterical, overweight life style editor nearly put an end to her career at the latest Fashion Week.
Cuddle Bear "ach good!", sigikid BEASTS
There are lots of cuddle cuties in the world, but only ONE that sticks with you through thick and thin. "Ach good!" is what they're affectionately called. The original "ach good!" teddy bear and his growing family and friends charm everybody with their softness, a big all-is-well-smile and that peculiar, trustful look.
Plush teddy bear "ach good!", large, Beaststown
There are lots of cuddle cuties in the world, but only ONE that sticks with you through thick and thin. "Ach good!" is what they're affectionately called. The "ach good!" teddy bear and his growing family and friends charm everybody with their softness, a big all-is-well-smile and that peculiar, trustful look.
Cat "Kiez Miez",so very special! sigikid BEASTS
In her part of town she knows every open cellar window – and every true cat lover. Her trusting gaze and gentle purring have helped get her through every hard winter.
Cuddle rabbit "Lazy Bunny", Beaststown
His principle in life is "take things slowly at first, and then see how it goes." Though this rabbit might not be the fastest, his cuddly heart is full of love. Slow-love not high life.
Cutie mouse "LaLa Langweile", sigikid BEASTS
It seems obvious that this kind of mouse is domiciled in the south of Germany. It has especially shaggy white fur that might likely come from her favourite traditional dish. Though, you can't refuse to give her a big hug and she will promptly answer: "I mog Di" which is German for "I like you".
Plush toy nutria Carpe Diem, Beasts Collection
As a member of the BeastsTown yoga group, this little nutria is a colleague loved by all. Due to his level-headed nature and his talent to maintain an overview even in the most difficult situations, he is always in demand when things get difficult. True to his motto "Carpe diem", he looks forward to each new day with confidence. Furthermore, let's not forget his passion for perfume and all body care products. He is passionate about collecting all the flacons and bottles of perfume. And he especially loves the scent of "Beasts No. 5" – the exclusive perfume from BeastsTown
Cuddly "Doodle Donkey", sigikid Beasts
Doodle Donkey has a big heart, especially for the little ones amongst us. For many years the shaggy donkey has been working as a lollypop lady. But his dark grey coat was difficult to see on dreary November mornings. That's why his students bleached his muzzle so that they could see him better. He isn't used to his new look yet. Not that he's vain, he's just in need of a little love!
Brave Hair plush lion, BEASTS
The star among stylists in Beasts Town. His speciality is his signature blow-dried, wavy do that stands up to any weather. Many a Beast has discovered their new personality in his salon – his most famous creation is still his "Fall-Out Flush-Cut" that Mopp Toddel wears.
Cuddle cat "Chips Fritz", sigikid BEASTS
For a while he served as a children's entertainer in a fast food restaurant, which caused his belly to grow as big as his appetite. If you want him to like you, you'll need a well- stocked refrigerator, a comfy cat basket and a VIP card for your local pizza delivery service.
Lost and Found cuddle cat, Beaststown
Lost & Found's kingdom is situated between the rubbish bins and an old, run-down warehouse. She operates the only underground exchange in BeastsTown. Everything from old mattresses to candelabras to used moist towelettes – Lost & Found will trade anything for anything. She leads a swarm of useless muskrats in her huge underground warehouse.
Super soft and stylish "Cat Macchiato", sigikid BEASTS
Raised in an espresso bar near Verona, this sweet pussy cat set off to conquer Hollywood. She wound up on Gattino Visconti's couch while auditioning for a part in the remake of "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof".
Plush dog Zottle Lottle, Beasts
Although she has been living in the streets of BeastsTown for years, she is one of the best groomed dogs. Nobody knows how she keeps her fur so shiny, soft and cuddly. Some suspect, that she might have a secret liaison with hairstylist Hotta Hoppa... But these are just rumors.
sigikid piggy BEAST
Karrieresau – the money-loving sow – recovered quite quickly after the fall of the new economy. Her fine nose helped her sniff out the right start-ups to invest in.
Plush toy octopus Deep Water Dandy, Beasts collection
His style is legendary, and when he glides elegantly through the murky waters in the evening, many a lady fish will turn around over this sophisticated beast. He always knows how to be really stylish as a Dandy, and maybe let's just say: deep waters are often murky.
Soft toy bear with brown shaggy plush, Ach Good! Bear, BEASTS
"Oh my god, what a cutie!" - That's why this plush bear character and his family are affectionately called ach good! in German. He charms everybody with his softness and that peculiar, trustful look. For this season, we chose for him our most striking new plush types: This teddy bear wears a soft, long shaggy plush pelt, and the overall look is just stunning. An extraordinary treat for the growing ach good! fandom.
Plush toy dragon Middle Age, Beasts collection
Dragons are now protected as an endangered species, and he's the last of his kind. Arisen from the darkest Middle Ages, he'll captivate you with his glowing arguments and fiery speeches. Now he is on tenterhooks, waiting to finally meet you!
Plush toy rat Schiggi Miggi, Beasts collection
Between champagne and caviar, Schiggi Miggi makes small talk with the in-crowd. His territory is the parquet for the chic people. Kisses here, kisses there. Their motto: see and be seen! And it's not uncommon to lay it on thick in order to hide their humble roots.
Cuddle Lion "Metusa Leo", sigikid BEASTS
He's done enough roaring in his long, full life. Ever since his 110th birthday, Metusa Leo has taken on a softer tone and joined a legal practice as a mediator.
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Soft toy teddy bear Ach Good!, Beasts collection
There are lots of bears in the world, but only ONE that sticks with you. Ach good! is what he's affectionately called. He charms everybody with his softness and that peculiar, trustful look. For this season, we chose for him our most striking new plush types: This teddy wears now a feathery soft grey microfibre plush that invites an awful lot of snuggles. A real treat for the growing ach good! fandom.
€39.99* €49.99*
20 %
Soft toy hedgehog Harvey Harvest, Beasts collection
Why race with hares? This agile hedgehog prefers to show his strength in a cool discipline in the truest sense of the word: Curling! An Olympic winter sport where his prickles are used as spikes. After the next winter games, however, he wants to hang up his curling broom and concentrate on just one thing: pampering you!
€39.99* €49.99*
Mon Key cuddle toy, Beaststown collection
This little orang-utan is a loner. Rejected by his adoptive family – a herd of crazed macaques – he's a self-made monkey who now belongs to the up-and-coming young generation in BeastsTown with his successful website beastbooble- So it's no surprise that most Beasts only know him by his nickname "Brother Big".
Plush toy wolf Grimm's Gangster, Beasts collection
People in BeastsTown have heard many a story about him and rumor has it that he has quite an interesting rap sheet. Supposedly, there is a written witness statement from a pair of brothers who want to put him behind bars. - To which he says: "All fairy tales".
Plush poodle "Day Dreamer", Beasts
This elegant lady has recently moved to BeastsTown and it is said that she's already attracted Ricky Raven's attention. Although she's a real party animal at night, during the day you can usually find her daydreaming in the city's hairdressing salons and beauty parlours. Her new hairstyles are usually commented on by the press with the most delightful comments, but of course she has a beauty secret that nobody knows ... and we won't reveal it here either.
Stuffed animal ostrich "Head Up", BEASTS
His personal motto "head up" has made him the most popular tour guide at Paradise Paul's travel agency. HeadUp even stands out on crowded buses, and never loses sight of the big picture. Unfortunately his sense of direction isn't very good, which has led to a number of emergency deployments of BeastsTown Air.
20 %
Soft toy polar bear Iky Piky, Beasts collection
Drifted far away from the ice drift, Iky Piky together with his brother made it to the Icelandic coast. A fisherman took him in and handed him over to the care of an animal protection group. Today, Iky is active as a climate ambassador and has friends all over the world. As of now he's (still) waiting in vain for someone who will fondle his cuddly fur.
€55.99* €69.99*
Beasts bunny "I waas nix"
He's battled his way through life with a unique philosophy: He answers every question with "I waas nix!" – "I don't know nothin!". And, ultimately, this is the only sentence he utters all day long. Whether it's the time of day or the meaning of life in BeastsTown, no matter what you ask him, the answer is always: "I waas nix!"
Plush toy dog Luri Laluri, Beasts collection
Everyone wants to have him! His only task: lying on the couch and looking good! Luri Laluri is the cuddly dog par excellence. He doesn't have any great needs, he just wants to be petted. But then he'll be the best friend in the whole world!
Plush monkey "King Bombastic", BEASTS
One of the most flamboyant, flashy musicians to emerge on the scene in the past few decades. For years he played in a number of different bands until he put together his own crew, "The Dead Monkeys", and gained instant international fame with hits like "Good Buy", "Monkey in the Dark" and "Monkey in Red". Rumours still persist that he also penned a number of other No. 1 hits.
20 %
Soft toy sheep "Is mir erstrecht schlecht", Beasts
Is mir erstrecht schlecht is a designer sheep with long legs who is not an athlete but is in good shape. What he likes to do most is just sit there and listen to you. And if you're lucky, he'll even give you a smile.
€43.99* €54.99*
Large cuddle plush toy spider Brigitt Igitt, Beasts
Rejected and outcast for no reason, because whoever discovers her true nature simply has to fall in love with her. And who hasn't dreamed of being hugged by eight arms simultaneously?
Plush toy squirrel Forest Flyer, Beasts
As a forest ranger in the woods of BeastsTown, he makes sure that everything is done properly. He has already brought down a few poachers - but how he did it remains his secret. By the way, his best buddy is Hunter's Bacon, with whom he has spent quite a few nights drinking in a forest glade.
Plush toy meerkat Muru Muru, Beasts collection
Little Muru Muru is a very sly fellow. Although he quickly wraps the ladies of his heart around his finger with his loyal gaze, his true nature soon becomes apparent. Just as quickly as he appears out of nowhere, he disappears again. But whoever can lure him into staying has a friend for life.
Plush toy shark Hi Bite!, Beasts collection
A gourmet of the world's oceans and a connoisseur of all fish restaurants from the Arctic Sea to the Amazon. Hi Bite! is considered a gourmet of highest quality and publishes the gourmet guide "Guide Hook", which every restaurant owner fears. Because when Hi Bite! bites, there will be no dry eye in the house.
Stuffed toy Crocodile "Taste of the Tropics", BEASTS
Since he started as Chef Vivant in Trüffel Rüffel's 5-star restaurant, the wait time for an empty table has become even longer. They say that you won't get a more tender or well-cut steak anywhere. It's no wonder, after all "ToT" (as he is known to his friends) cuts up all the fresh meat himself, and tenderises it with a few minutes of chewing.
Plush wild boar Hunters Bacon, Beasts
Out of the deep woods of BeastsTown, he comes to town from time to time and lets loose. He has no manners whatsoever, but is loved by everyone because of his casual demeanor. He is also best buddies with Forest Flyer.
Soft toy chameleon HideAndSeek, Beasts
He runs his own detective agency by the same name and is an expert in trackingdown secret information. His unique talent for making himself invisible has been the undoing of many a criminal. And of course, he has also uncovered love affairs ... which ones? It is on the tip of his tongue, but he keeps silent, of course - professional ethics!
Plush toy pig Panna Lotta, Beasts collection
She's the only lady in the Panoptiker Gang and unfortunately not the brightest. However, Panna Lotta has a great advantage: her charm. She's wrapped many an informer around her hoof and sugar-sweetly driven them crazy.
20 %
Fluffy fur cat St. Monic, Beasts collection
St. Monic is a squeamish diva and member of the High Society in BeastsTown. But she's still a sly old cat. She allegedly ensnared Bad Cat until he gave her the smuggled gourmet food.
€47.99* €59.99*
Soft toy anteater Antsy Pantsy, Beasts collection
She's the first vegan anteater to live in BeastsTown. She was awarded the gold sustainability medal by the ant community, true to her motto "No ants a day, keeps the doctor away".
Plush toy cat Kiez Mauz, Beasts collection
One of the winners of the BeastsTown Talent Show last year. Kiez Mauz, together with her band, charmed the jury so much with her piercing cat yowl that she went straight to the finals. Since then she has been referring to herself as "BeastTown's Best Superstar (BTBS)". As a leading yowling cat she is of course in the spotlight and therefore a real "limelight-cat".
20 %
Plush toy bunny Easter Beaster, Beasts collection
Easter Beaster has his own method for dealing with the annual easter issue: Sitting it out! Stoically, he squats behind a bush and nibbles to himself.
€43.99* €54.99*
Plush toy beaver Co-Constructor, Beasts collection
Co-owner of the largest construction company in BeastsTown and a true building beaver. Expert on everything that has to do with wood. However, he's supposed to have something on his record: The collapse of the Millenium Dam on the Beasts River Creek is said to be his handiwork, even though it's never been clearly proven.
Plush toy cockroach Chacca Cacalaca, Beasts collection
She originally hails from South America and has opened a dance school for Latin dance styles in BeastsTown. Paso Doble, Cha-Cha-Cha and Samba are the supreme disciplines of this sociable cockroach. Her dance partner easily gets into a sweat, because it's not always easy to find her leading leg.
Plush toy sheep Memmel Bemmel, Beasts collection
Memmel Bemmel is the owner of the Milk Bar in Beasts-Town (she took it over from a cow that had to be put out to pasture for tax evasion). The change from cow to sheep milk did not go down well with her customers and Memmel Bemmel had to switch to soy milk. Now the store is up and running and anyone who hasn't tried the "Latte Memmel" has missed out.
Plush toy Gigolo Giraffe, Beasts collection
An Italy lover between Vespa and amore. Gigolo Giraffe is a welcome guest at all espresso bars between Vesuvius and BeastsTown. His Italian charm is unmatched, and many a signorina has fallen madly in love with him. But Gigolo wouldn't be a gigolo if he would love not just one of them but all of them.
Stuffed plush elephant Francoise Lelefant, Beasts collection
Bonschuuuur meez amiiiii! The capricious Francois with his accent has been going on his fellow elephants' nerves for a long time at the zoo. Disappointed by so much ignorance toward a distinguished elephant from the famous Parisian quarter of St Germain des Prés, Francois is now looking for a cultivated person who will listen to old Edith Piaf vinyl records with him and who considers Ratatouille something more than a movie about rats.
Soft toy dog Detective Disaster, Beasts
Employed by the Hide and Seek detective agency, he is the weak link in the team. No secret is safe with him, as he immediately publishes all investigation results online. Nevertheless his stellar snooping skills are undeniable.