Cuddly friends with personality

 A Beast is more than just a cuddly animal.
It is a friend.
A friend for life.  
It has a soul and its own unique personality.
A Beast has a name and its own story.
It has character.
A Beast is design!

Which Beast should be your soulmate?

Find your Beast

Bären gibt es viele auf dieser Welt, doch es gibt nur EINEN, der immer zu dir hält. Ach Good! wird er von allen liebevoll genannt und ist als der treueste Kuschelbär bekannt.

Ready to cuddle!

 The original and limited Ach Good! family & friends collection to collect.


Which Beast is your soulmate?

Wild and unique

The KiKeRiKi collection is a wild variety of birds, as unique as their future human owners. From quirky, outgoing and colorful to shy and introverted. In short, our new collection offers something for everyone. Our KiKeRiKis show that even birds of all kinds of feathers can flock together!